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Training and Workshops
Research and Evaluation
EDI Strategy Development & Implementation

Working with your existing EDI Strategy, a critical review of this document is undertaken followed by a series of workshops with key staff to co-produce proposals for refinement, development, and/or change. This process creates an effective strategy that is co-owned by staff and leadership alike.

Drawing on Matt’s experience in programme management alongside his expertise in research approaches, EDI initiatives, and coaching we provide ongoing consultancy support and mentoring to leaders, managers, and teams for the implementation of your EDI Strategy.

A picture of senior executives leaning over a table discussiing EDI strategy documents

Matt’s training and experience in academic research, executive coaching, and programme monitoring and evaluation, provide the basis of our three-fold EDI research and evaluation service –

  • Research and analysis of team dynamics to understand how team culture may be affecting inclusion within that team.

  • Team coaching to support the collective addressing of any barriers to inclusion within the team.

  • Evaluation of effectiveness and impact of EDI strategies, programmes, and initiatives.

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Wide Open Voices offer a series of workshops for staff that, informed by Matt’s research, focus on developing a deeper understanding of the relational nature of EDI and some of the key dynamics at play. Individual workshops are listed below.

  • What we really mean by ‘Privilege’ and how it operates in the workplace.

  • Race, gender, and class in the office – Understanding ourselves and our colleagues.

  • Levels and types of workplace discrimination - Understanding the differences.

  • Creating Inclusive workplaces – practical actions we can take.

  • Developing an Inclusive Consciousness – a 4 workshop programme to equip staff and managers with the knowledge and skills to actively create inclusive workplaces.

Dr Matt Jacobs giving a talk on existentialism and EDI

Alongside leadership specific services, we offer consultancy services to support the work in creating inclusive business cultures and practices essential for the complex, values driven, global business context of today.

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