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About Wide Open Voices

Image of Dr Matt Jacobs PhD

Wide Open Voices is a specialist Leadership and EDI consultancy. Our mission is to collaborate with ExCo and C-Suite Teams to cultivate successful, inclusive organizations. We empower individuals to become visionary leaders, embodying authenticity, infusing purpose and meaning into their organizations, and creating inclusivity at every level.

Dr Matt Jacobs PhD

Over the last 25 years, I have been on something of an uncomfortable journey learning how aspects of my identity afford me advantages and opportunities denied to others. From my experiences, I understand the questions, dilemmas, and anxieties arising for those with similar identities as they engage with EDI. I established Wide Open Voices to use my knowledge and expertise to work with leaders in creating successful and inclusive organisations.

Our Approach

Drawing on the work of philosophers Jean Paul Sartre and Søren Kierkegaard, Wide Open Voices takes an existential approach to leadership and EDI. We use dialogic processes to engage individuals and teams in exploring how their worldview conditions their ‘ways of leading.’ By focusing on meanings, values, and beliefs, we develop leaders who are authentic, adaptable, and inclusive.



Creating authentic, meaningful and inclusive organisations.

Programmes and Services

Wide Open Voices offers bespoke programmes to support leadership development by exploring EDI and 'ways of leading' through an existential lens. Taken together or as individual services, these programmes are designed to develop self-aware, values driven, and culturally connected leaders. Wide Open Voices also offers a range of EDI Consultancy Services.

Leadership Programmes

  • Leadership Analysis

  • Thought Seminars

  • Leadership Coaching

EDI Consultancy

  • EDI Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Staff Training

  • Research and Evaluation

Book a chat with me

If you are interested in our programmes and services then please book a chat with myself to find out more information on how I can help you.

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A better way to deal with change and uncertainty.

Picture of Kelly Ward, Deputy Head of Operations, Infection Services, Public Health Wales,
Picture of Will Potter, Director of Will Potter Partnership
Picture of Sharon Peake, CEO and Founder of Shape Talent Limited

“Matt is exceptional to work with. We have partnered on a number of projects and is always a joy to work with. Smart, insightful, empathetic with the right balance of support and challenge he is able to get to the heart of the issue with tact and astuteness. I highly recommend him.”

Sharon Peake
CEO & Founder, Shape Talent Ltd 


"Under Matt's guidance I have come to appreciate that even the most carefully considered ideas contain preconceptions that deserve to be questioned. Matt's breadth of knowledge was evident in his highly effective support of my self reflections. His approach has always been thoughtful and without judgement"

Will Potter

Director, Will Potter Partnership

"Working in a large, diverse organisation, Matt’s insightful and thought provoking coaching has allowed me to develop and push boundaries around my personal leadership capabilities. Matt listens and hears, providing a safe space for both external and internal dialog allowing a deeper understanding of ‘self’ and ‘direction’ that contributes to my achievement and performance of the wider organisational strategies."

Kelly Ward

Deputy Head of Ops, Public Health Wales

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Book a discovery call with us to discuss how we can help you.

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